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We understand that determining and understanding the true value of your business is critical. Our firm provides business valuation services including insightful market analysis and a comprehensive review of the financial standing of your company.

Business valuations must take into account many internal and external factors. Our team of financial professional are experienced in the thorough identification and review of these factors and are committed to delivering an accurate valuation that will help you make well-informed decisions. Our team will provide:

  • A well-documented and accurate valuation that is widely accepted in accordance with accounting and legal standards.
  • Peace of mind that you have a team of experts working for you…and your business.
  • Expert support at every stage of the process.

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Conclusion of Value

This engagement calls for the valuation analyst to estimate the value of the subject interest where the analyst is free to apply the valuation approaches and methods he or she deems appropriate in the circumstances. The valuation analyst expresses the results of the valuation as a conclusion of value; the conclusion may be either a single amount or range.

Calculation of Value

This engagement is typically more tailored to the clients requirements. The valuation analyst and the client agree on the valuation approaches and methods the valuation analyst will perform in the process of calculating the value of a subject interest. These procedures will be more limited than those for a “conclusion of value” engagement. The valuation analyst calculates the value in compliance with the agreement and expresses the results of the procedures as a “calculated value.” This engagement does not include all of the procedures required for a valuation engagement.